10 Smart Social Distancing Classroom Ideas

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These classroom ideas aren’t just your average fun school ideas. They are specifically brilliant for the upcoming year with COVID in mind.

My kids are heading back to in-school learning and all of these ideas really made me hopeful for the new year. We all have had so many thoughts and questions about what the classroom will look like and if my kids learning looks like this, I’m excited.

Social Distancing Classroom Ideas

We have all wondered how we can keep our kids socially distant at school. Here are some really inspiring classrooms to take a look at.

Life’s a beach!

This kindergarten classroom keeps plastic in between each of the kids with a fun colorful umbrella on top. made by Lacy Jenkins

Life's A Beach! Social Distancing Classroom Ideas
made by Lacy Jenkins

Upside Down Kleenex

This idea keeps the tissues readily available to the kiddos but without anyone ever having to touch the box. So smart! Made by Teacher Over The Rainbow

Upside Down Kleenex - Social Distancing Classroom Ideas
Made by Teacher Over The Rainbow

Desk Barrier

Here is another great way to keep kids together with a barrier in between. This uses PVC pipes and shower curtains.

Book Boats!

Made from plastic bins, these cute individual reading zones are adorable and lots of fun. Plus, you can space the kids apart which works great.

Hands Free Sanitizing Station.

This DIY idea is really great because it keeps the kiddos from touching the pump. Just step on it and the gel dispenses!

Dollar Tree Dividers

This smart teacher made these desk dividers with foam board and a shower curtain from the Dollar Tree.


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Individual Desk Barriers

These fit right over the desks and keep the kiddos safe and away from the germs of their classmates.


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Eagles Nests

These individually marked squares are inspired by eagles because the size is the same as their wingspan. This ensures that the kids can get up to stretch their legs and stay socially distanced.


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Plexiglass Dividers

I love this classroom. These tables are divided by plexiglass and are totally seamless.


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Desk Dividers.

Here’s another great take on the desk barrier idea. They can easily be moved to rearrange desks.


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