Soldier Pancake Breakfast for Veterans Day!

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Soldier Pancake Breakfast for Veterans Day!

Veterans Day is tomorrow and we made this Soldier Pancake Breakfast to celebrate our brave soldiers that protect us and our country! This breakfast is very easy to make. It’s also a fun breakfast to make with the kids and a great time to talk with them about how important our veterans are to us and how we should always thank them for their service.

Soldier Pancake Breakfast

Pancake Mix
Green & Dark Grapes
1 Strawberry
1 Large Marshmallow

Make a pancake in a pan on low heat. Place on a plate. Cut green grapes in half and place them on top of the head in the shape of a helmet. Cut dark grapes in half and make a strap on top of the green grapes. Cut a hand full of green grapes in half and then half again to make a strap around the face. Cut 1 green grape in half and put them together for the bottom of the chip. Cut a nose from the pancake scraps. Cut a marshmallow in half to make the eyes. We cut around dark grape halves to make the pupils. Cut two strips from a strawberry to make a mouth. That’s it! This is also a great way to load the kids up on fruit!

Make sure to thank a Veteran tomorrow Sunday Nov. 11! To those of you that have served our country we thank you for your service to our great country and for protecting our freedoms!

Happy Veterans Day!

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