One Quick Call And You Could Get Specialty Baking Pans for Free

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A growing number of libraries are allowing patrons to check out specialty baking pans and it’s one of the best ideas we’ve ever heard.

Baking is a pleasure. It’s an experience. When we bake something, we really do blend a little love into it, don’t we? If you’re in the mood to bake something new, we suggest these reader favorites. Apple Pie Cake, Banana Pudding Cake, Hummingbird Cake are all mind-blowingly delicious. Give them a try!

Libraries That Let You Borrow Specialty Baking Pans

We love the new sharing economy that’s ramping up across the country. It’s a money-saving blessing to be able to rent or borrow things you need to use, but not buy. Borrowing fancy cake pans from your library is a great example of how it works.

Let’s say you wake up tomorrow and want to bake a cake in the shape of a sunflower. You’ve got a couple of choices.

You can borrow one from your friend – providing your friend loves baking sunflower shaped cakes so much that she keeps a pan for it at the ready.

You can purchase one. It’ll cost more than a regular baking pan, it’ll be harder to store because of the shape, and you may only use it once in a year.

Or, if you live an area that includes some version of a Library of Things, borrow the pan!

Walk into any Goodwill store and you’ll see what people think of their specialty baking pans purchases. These kinds of pans are usually great quality, sturdy, and manufactured to be used again and again for a very long time.

Unfortunately, most people don’t need a special pan very often. If you’ve ever bought a character pan for a child’s birthday party, you know what a pain in the butter they can be to store.

The shapes are odd, they can be heavy, and they take up space you don’t have. After a year or so, they wind up in the donation box where people can pick them up for a song. And most of those people? They’ll wind up donating the pans again for all the reasons we mentioned.

The takeaway here is to call your library before you purchase a baking pan you don’t really have a need to own.

Lots of libraries offer more than specialty baking pans!

There are actually all sorts of things you can check out from libraries. It’s kind of mind-blowing!

Hand tools
Photography equipment
Button makers
Geological rock collections
Sewing machines
Energy monitors
Animal skeletons
AV equipment
Flash drives
Lawn care items

Of course, not every library loans items beyond books or DVDs. A quick call or visit to your local library and a nice chat with the librarian and you’ll know everything they have that’s available for checkout.

(In the meantime, read The Grimm Legacy to your kiddos. The book invites readers to step into a magical world of a fantastical library of things. Your kids (and YOU) will love it. )

Never forget how important and wonderful librarians are!

What would our world be without the dedicated men and women who devote their careers to finding and sharing information? Thank goodness for librarians.

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