Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

Spider Man Apple Snack

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Super hero’s are a big deal in this house and the boys are always wanting to create them in the kitchen. This Spider Man Apple looks harder than what it is. It really took just less than 15 minutes to make 2 of them.

We cut the bottom back side off of the apple to have the apple tilted slightly to the back. We saved that to make the eyes. Take a small knife and cut a web pattern on the front side of the apple. The peel will just pop right off. We cut out the eyes from the bottom back side that we saved. We glued that on with peanut butter.

My boys do not have a problem eating apples, but this sure does make it a lot more fun!

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  1. love this! I'm going to surprise my spiderman obessed son with an apple like this tomorrow!