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Sponge Bob and Patrick Pancakes and Eggs

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Sponge Bob and Patrick Pancakes and Eggs
My boys wanted to have a Sponge Bob and Patrick breakfast this morning. They both came up with these pancakes and eggs. I think they did a pretty good job with their ideas and creations! It’s a little more time consuming, but it was worth it for the fun that they had making it.

We used 1 hard boiled egg..two beaten eggs…shaped pancakes…strawberries…raisins…and some green decorating spray that we had.

We shaped our pancakes in the pan. Trimmed off the edges with kitchen scissors. Make Patrick and the shorts as well. Beat 2 eggs and put it in a rectangle dish….or just put one egg in a square dish. We cut the rectangle in half. We microwaved ours for 1 min. We cut off the sides to have some legs for Spongebob. Slice half of the hard boiled egg for the eyes. Use the other half for the strip above Spongebob’s shorts and teeth. We used 5 strawberries and blended it with a dash a whipping cream to make a dark pink color for Patrick. Use the scraps to make a tie for Spongebob. Use one extra sliced strawberry for the mouth. Cut raisins for eyes, lashes, eye brows, feet, and belly buttons. We sprayed Patrick’s shorts with green decorating spray that we happened to have.

My 4 yr old did the black plate and my 7 yr old did the white plate. Good job boys!

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Great job Von and Dane…so proud of you.