Spooky Marshmallow Pops!

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Spooky Marshmallow Pops!

I was having fun in the kitchen with my little boys this afternoon and we made these spooky pops out of marshmallows that we had on hand. These are so easy to make and we just used color spray and edible marker.

Candy Corn Pops…

We cut 2 square marshmallows (the s’mores marshmallows) into a triangle. Squeeze a little bit of cookie frosting on one side. Place a lollipop stick on that and put the other triangle marshmallow on top. Let it dry. We only had yellow edible marker so we used aluminum foil to cover the ends and sprayed on the orange color spary. We colored the yellow with edible marker.

Ghost Pops…

We had marhsmallows in the shapes of ghosts so we just squeezed cookie frosting on one side of 3 of them and layed the stick on top. Squeeze cookie frosting on one side of 3 more and press those on the stick. Let it dry. We added our faces with black edible marker.

Pumpkin Pops…

We sprayed a jumbo marshmallow with orange color spray. Let it dry and press it on a stick. Draw on the face with black edible marker. We used a green sour candy for the stem. We made a hole on top and pressed it in the hole with a small dot of cookie frosting.

Frankenstein Pops…

We used a square marshmallowa and frosted one side of it. Lay the stick on top and press the other square marhsmallow on top. Let it dry and then spray with green color spray or color with green edible marker. We colored the hair, mouth, and eye brows with black edible marker. We glued on edible eyes with cookie frosting. We cut a mini marshmallow in half and attached on the sides for the electrodes.

These are so much fun to make with the kids! We hope that you have fun making them like we did!

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