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Star Wars S’mores Pops…Day 1!

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Jawa, Yoda, & Chewbacca all made out of S'mores

We made a big bunch of Star Wars S’mores and we will be sharing them in groups during this week! My boys favorite treat has always been s’mores so we have made a ton of fun S’mores Pops that we have featured on our blog. We thought it would be fun to make Star Wars characters out of s’mores and we had so much fun making these! My boys absolutely love Star Wars and we made a big group of their favorite characters! If you are a Star Wars fan make sure to check back with us daily this week for more fun S’mores Wars ideas!

Today we are sharing Jawa, Yoda, & Chewbacca all made out of S’mores!:)

Yoda S'mores Pop

Yodalicious S’mores Pop

3 Graham Crackers
Chocolate, White, & Green Cookie Frosting (Betty Crocker)
Green Edible Spray (Wilton)
1 Jumbo Jet Puffed Marshmallow (halved)
2 Mini Chocolate Chips
Lollipop Sticks

Cut out 2 circles from the graham cracker using kitchen scissors or a round cookie cutter. We have never had issues with our graham crackers breaking. Cut out a couple of Yoda ear shapes with the other graham cracker using kitchen scissors. Place the cut out pieces on wax paper and spray them lightly with green edible spray. Let it dry a couple of minutes. Flip one of the round cut outs on the back side and attach the ears on the sides with cookie frosting. Let it dry. Decorate the face by using white cookie frosting for the eyes and mini chocolate chips for the pupils. We used green cookie frosting to make the mouth, nose, and eye lids. Cut a jumbo marshmallow in half and squeeze chocolate cookie frosting on both sides. Place it in between the graham crackers and let it dry. Poke a lollipop stick through the bottom and now you have a Yoda S’mores Pop!:)

Here is a close up….

Yoda S'mores Pop

Jawa the S’mores Pop

2 Graham Crackers
1 Jumbo Jet-Puffed Marshmallow (halved)
Chocolate Cookie Frosting (Betty Crocker)
Red Sprinkles
Lollipop Sticks

For Jawa you need to cut the top corners off of 2 graham crackers using kitchen scissors into a point. We used chocolate cookie frosting for the face and 2 red sprinkles for the eyes. Cut the jumbo marshmallow in half. Squeeze chocolate frosting on both sides and place in between the graham cut outs. Let it dry. Poke a lollipop stick in the bottom.

Jawa the S'mores Pop

Here is a close up….

Jawa the S'mores Pop

Chewy S’mores Pop

2 Chocolate Graham Crackers
Chocolate & White Cookie Frosting
Blue & White Sprinkles
1 Jumbo Jet-Puffed Marshmallow (halved)
Lollipop Sticks

For Chewbacca we cut the top corners off of 2 chocolate graham crackers using kitchen scissors. We decorated the face using chocolate frosting. We used white frosting for the eyes. We used blue sprinkles for the pupils and white sprinkles for teeth. Squeeze chocolate frosting on both sides of the marshmallow half and place in between the graham crackers. Let it dry. Poke a lollipop stick in the bottom.

Chewy S'mores Pop

Here is a close up….

Chewy S'mores Pop

Make sure to check back every day this week for our other Star Wars S’mores ideas! You can check out all of our other Star War Fun Food ideas HERE!

Jawa, Yoda, & Chewbacca all made out of S'mores



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These are adorable! My son loves sweets and Star Wars. He would love these.

These are so adorable. Definitely pinning

These are too cute! We have officially entered the Star Wars era here so these would be a hit!

Awesome Jill!! My boys love these. Can't wait to see the rest!!

My six year old loves Star Wars so perhaps I will try these 🙂

The Chewy pop is my favorite:)

These are great! What a fun way to personalise your boys' favourite snack – Chewy is my fav! have an awesome day!

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I LOVE all of your s'mores creations! All the Star Wars ones are awesome! Thanks so much for sharing on Two Cup Tuesday at Pint Sized Baker. Please stop by tonight and link up again!


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