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Star Wars Valentine’s Day FREE Printable!

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Star Wars Valentine's Day FREE Printable!

I am so excited to be sharing our Star Wars Valentine’s that we came up with this week. We wanted to make them unique from others that we have seen and I think they turned out so cute! I gave our ideas to my brother Brian and he put it all together…thanks Brian! I just LOVE how they turned out! My 5 year old will be giving these out to his class and he thinks they are awesome!

For the Yoda one we thought that replacing Day Go By with DAGOBAH (his planet) would be cute. I have seen other Yoda Valentines in stores with Yoda One For Me and thought that was adorable…so we just had to add that. We included his DAGOBAH planet in his thinking bubble…kinda has two meanings. This one is my fav! He will be giving these out to the little girls in his class. We will be adding green candy on the back.

Star Wars Valentine's Day FREE Printable!

I came up with this Chewbacca saying I Chewy You To Be My Valentine…thought the kids would dig that! My 5 year old will be giving this one to the girls as well. We are adding either Tootsie Rolls (somethine chewy) on the back or attach this with our Chewy Wookiee Cookies that we made awhile back. We just can’t decide. They look like this…

Star Wars Valentine's Day FREE Printable!

Star Wars Valentine's Day FREE Printable!

This is the scene where the trooper is saying to Luke…You are not the droid we have been looking for. We just took out the NOT and thought this would be cute to give to the boys in his class.

Star Wars Valentine's Day FREE Printable!

I left off our watermark so you could copy and print these if you want to use them. If you happen to share them..make sure you link back to us!

You can check out our other fun Valentine’s Day creations HERE!

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AWESOME! Love the cookies!!

I have to show these to my daughter…she will love them!! And I think those wookie cookies are awesome! :0)

Those wookie cookies are so cute! My son would love them.

Love the Wookie Cookies, wonderful!! Great Valentines too. Visiting from TGIF. 🙂

Oh my, I wish that I had seen these sooner. Hubs would have gotten one from me today for sure!

oh the cookies!!! look delicious!
Love your valentines!!
saw you on craftomaniac monday!

SUPER cute valentines and LOVE the cookies!! I am pinning to use these with my hubby next year =-) thanks for linking up to TGIF! Have a great week =-)


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