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Super Bowl XLVIII Football Cupcakes

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Super Bowl XLVIII Football Cupcakes

We are so excited about the Superbowl this weekend! I grew up in Colorado Springs, CO so we are huge Denver Broncos fans! It was painful having to make a Seattle Seahawks cupcake, but since we love every one of you following along with us we decided to include a Seahawks cupcake for those of you living in Seattle!:) These Super Bowl Football Cupcakes are SO easy to make & the kids can help make these all by themselves!

Super Bowl Football Cupcakes

Cake Mix (any flavor…we like Pillsbury)
White Frosting
Green Food Coloring
Orange, Blue, Green, & White Sixlets Candy (Sweetworks)
Chocolate Footballs (Sweetworks)
White Cookie Icing (Betty Crocker)

Make your cupcakes according to the box directions. Let them cool. Mix a little bit of green food coloring into your white frosting. Frost the cupcakes & then make it look like grass using a toothpick. Make the laces on the chocolate footballs using your white icing. We added the colored Sixlets around the edges & you can do this for any team color. They have so many different colors! Side note…If you can not find a color that you need you can always use edible color mist. We had light blue & sprayed them with a darker blue color (Wilton). They do carry the darker blue in Sixlets, but we just didn’t have them on hand.

Here is our Denver Broncos Cupcake….GO BRONCOS!!:)

Here is our Denver Broncos Cupcake

Here is the Seattle Seahawks Cupcake. You can also add blue, but we just thought these looked better. (if you are making both teams)..

Here is the Seattle Seahawks Cupcake.

You can decorate a big batch of these fun football cupcakes in just minutes & your Superbowl guests will love them!

Super Bowl XLVIII Football Cupcakes

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