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Super Bowl XLVIII Football Cupcakes

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We are so excited about the Superbowl this weekend! I grew up in Colorado Springs, CO so we are huge Denver Broncos fans! It was painful having to make a Seattle Seahawks cupcake, but since we love every one of you following along with us we decided to include a Seahawks cupcake for those of you living in Seattle!:) These Super Bowl Football Cupcakes are SO easy to make & the kids can help make these all by themselves!

Super Bowl Football Cupcakes

Cake Mix (any flavor…we like Pillsbury)
White Frosting
Green Food Coloring
Orange, Blue, Green, & White Sixlets Candy (Sweetworks)
Chocolate Footballs (Sweetworks)
White Cookie Icing (Betty Crocker)

Make your cupcakes according to the box directions. Let them cool. Mix a little bit of green food coloring into your white frosting. Frost the cupcakes & then make it look like grass using a toothpick. Make the laces on the chocolate footballs using your white icing. We added the colored Sixlets around the edges & you can do this for any team color. They have so many different colors! Side note…If you can not find a color that you need you can always use edible color mist. We had light blue & sprayed them with a darker blue color (Wilton). They do carry the darker blue in Sixlets, but we just didn’t have them on hand.

Here is our Denver Broncos Cupcake….GO BRONCOS!!:)

Here is the Seattle Seahawks Cupcake. You can also add blue, but we just thought these looked better. (if you are making both teams)..

You can decorate a big batch of these fun football cupcakes in just minutes & your Superbowl guests will love them!

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