Superbowl Breakfast

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Superbowl Breakfast

My 8 year old came up with this fun Superbowl Football Breakfast with a NY Giant Goal and a couple of Patriot Pancakes..heehee! We made this by using 2 eggs, pancake mix, whipped cream spray, & green grapes.

We beat 2 eggs and poured them in a pan on med. low heat. Cook them like a omelette. Let that cool and set aside. Pour the pancake mix in the pan and make a couple of med. sized pancakes. Let them cool off just a bit and cut the edges to make the football with kitchen scissors. Cut out a goal from the eggs with kitchen scissors and place on the plate. Place the footballs on the bottom. Cut a hand full of green grapes in half for the grass. Spray on the whipped cream to make the football laces.

Very easy to do and the kids will have fun making this one. My 8 year old did and I think his idea turned out awesome!

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6 comments on “Superbowl Breakfast”

  1. Diana - FreeStyleMama

    I make bento lunches and I love to make egg sheets. I will put food coloring in before I cook. They cut so nicely! This is super cute and gives me some food ideas for my daughter leading up to the game. Thanks for submitting! I'm going to follow you now and check your other submissions!

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