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Superman Burgers

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My boys love Superman & all of the Marvel super hero comics! The new Superman Man of Steel movie comes out Friday and the trailer looks awesome! Not sure if it will be appropriate for my boys to watch so I will have to screen it first. They are really hoping to see it! We thought it would be fun to make Superman Burgers! This is so very easy to make and your little Superman fans will love this!

Superman Burgers

1 Burger (we like Morning Star veggie burgers)
1 Hamburger Bun
1 Slice of White Cheese (we used provolone)

Cook the burger according to package directions. Place the burger on a bun and then place on a plate. We shaped our cheese by cutting off the edges using kitchen scissors. Squeeze the ketchup on first to make the big S. Then squeeze on the mustard inside. Spread it out using a toothpick.

Here is a close up….

This Superman Burger is a lot easier to make then you think & your kids will love this!!

Here are some other fun Super Hero fun food creations we have come up with….

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You can view lots of our other Superhero Fun Food creations HERE!


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  1. What fun. My nephew would just love this! He has ketchup (we call it tomato sauce) with everything! Cheers

  2. What a fun and easy idea for Father's Day. What dad wouldn't want to be Superman to his kids?

  3. Thanks! Didn't think about this being a Fathers Day thing, but this would be a fun thing for the kids to make dad!:)

  4. My preschooler is going to love me when I make him all this fun superhero food.

  5. What a cute idea! I love it!

    Saw you at Six Sisters!

    Hope you can drop by Who Needs a Cape and show these off at Super Sunday!

  6. This is so cute! My kids would love these – I just hope mine come out looking as good as yours!

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