Taco Bell is Selling a $10 Monthly Taco Subscription and I Need It!

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If you lived in Arizona, you might have already tried this, but Taco Bell is now giving you daily tacos with their new subscription service. Ever wanted to eat tacos every single day? Now’s your chance!

Taco Bell

Taco Bell announced on Yahoo! News that it is expanding its “Taco Lover’s Pass” subscription service. It will now be nationwide on their app.

You would simply pay $10 for 30 days worth of tacos. This will be a 30-day subscription where you can pick one taco to get every single day. Once you buy your subscription, you will have access to a secret page where you can choose from seven different tacos to redeem one each day of the month.

Choose from Crunchy, Crunchy Supreme, Soft, Soft Supreme, Spicy Potato Soft, Doritos Locos, and the Doritos Locos Supreme.

This is a super cost-effective way to eat Taco Bell all month long without giving away your entire paycheck! Download the Taco Bell app and get your subscription today. Who is going to try it out?

You can read more about this subscription on Taco Bell’s website.

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