Target’s Halloween Collection is Here!

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Target is one of my absolute favorite stores, like many other moms out there. You can literally find just about anything you want and could ever possibly need. I can spend hours looking at each aisle. Especially right now since Target’s Halloween collection is finally here and is so amazing!

Halloween Target
image via Target

Target’s Halloween Collection

I know it is still summertime and Halloween is still a couple of months away. However, it doesn’t mean we can’t prepare and get ready for Halloween!

You definitely don’t want to wait until October to prepare for Halloween, because everything might be gone by then. Even though they just launched their Halloween collection, Target is selling out quickly!

Target’s Halloween collection always has such amazing things. Let’s check out what is new this year!

Pumpkin with Dancing, Singing Vines

Halloween Pumpkin
image via Target

How cute is this? This pumpkin is 10 inches tall that has vines at the top that will sing and dance! It runs on AA batteries and has a switch to operate it.

This pumpkin is so famous, everyone wants one because it is already pre-sold out! Don’t worry though, Target said that they will get more on August 27 when it will be officially released.

You can get this pumpkin for $35.

Hand-Shaped Votive Candle Holder

Halloween Hand
image via Target

This hand-shaped votive candle holder is around 3.5 inches tall and will give your house the Adam’s family vibe for sure! You can get it in white or black!

These are already sold out as well, but they will get back in stock, don’t worry!

With it being only $5, grab a couple for all over your house!

Sloth on a Wooden Broomstick Sign

Halloween Sloth
image via Target

Okay, this is probably my absolute favorite thing in the entire collection! This sloth on a wooden broomstick sign is just so cute!

It is a wooden sign and only $8. I will for sure be getting one of these to hang on my door!

Punk Werewolf Kids Costume

Halloween Warewolf Costume
image via Target

This Punk Werewolf Costume is for those little girls who definitely don’t want to be princesses this year for Halloween.

It is $25 and available for pre-order now, but will also be available at the official release on August 27.

Light-Up Zombie Dragon Kids Costume

zombie dragon Costume
image via Target

For your little man, he will definitely want this light-up zombie dragon costume. It looks like it has been taken exactly out of Game of Thrones and looks incredible!

Like the werewolf costume, it is also $25 and you can pre-order it today!

Adaptive Mermaid Kids Costume

Mermaid Wheelchair Costume
image via Target

This is another of my absolute favorites. Target is releasing some costumes that will work for wheelchairs or walkers. How incredible is that?

This mermaid costume will make your beautiful girl feel exactly like a princess! It comes with seashells and starfish to fasten to the wheels to make it even more awesome. It is $35.

Mystic Vampire Adult Costume

vampire costume
image via Target

Of course, we also need to show you an adult costume you will love! This mystic vampire costume will have you looking beautiful but also scary all at once!

It is $35 and available for pre-ordering.

There are still so many more amazing things in Target’s Halloween Collection for 2020! Be sure to check out everything and pre-order before it is too late!

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