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Teacher Appreciation Farm Fresh Eggs Gift with Free Printable!

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I know that there are a lot of you with back yard chickens and we came up with Teacher Appreciation Farm Fresh Eggs Gift with Free Printable as a way to say thanks to teachers! We are also including a “You are a EGGcellent Teacher” Free Printable for you!

Teacher Appreciation Farm Fresh Eggs Gift with a Free Printable from
Fresh eggs can sit out for several weeks until you wash them in warm water. Then you can keep them in the fridge as long as you would regular eggs. I personally like to wash mine with a little bit of soap and warm water, but you can just clean them with water.

Teacher Appreciation Fresh Eggs Gift


  • 1 Small Bucket (any kind)
  • Raffia or Straw
  • Chalk Board Stickers
  • Chalk
  • Twine (any color)
  • Brown Card Stock Paper


Place the raffia inside of the bucket about half way full (you can get this in bags at any craft store)…

Write “Fresh Eggs” on the chalkboard sticker using your chalk…

Press the chalkboard sticker on the front side of the bucket…

Here is your Free Printable. Save, print, and cut….

Make a small hole at the top & pull a piece of twine through the hole. Tie the twine onto one of the handles…

Then place the eggs inside the bucket…

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  1. This is so kind, sweet and very warm home atmosphere gift. I liked it. I wish someone gives me such a gift.