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Teacher Shows Students How to Butcher A Moose

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Do you think that schools should teach more life skills? Teach them things that are vital for the children to know as adults? An Alaskan High School teacher is doing exactly that in Alaska. The Chugiak High School has a program called World Discovery Seminar The program offers activities like these and other real-world, hand-on learning experiences like teaching students how to butcher a moose.

kids cutting up a moose

image via AP

Students Butcher a Moose

While living off the land is not something many people need in the lower 48 states, it is something that is part of daily life in Alaska. However, in Alaska, it is usually part of the school curriculum. Brian Mason is bringing these kinds of skills back into his classroom and teaching kids what they need to do in the process.

Mason brought a moose that he killed to school. His 30 students helped him to unload the moose from his truck and into the class. Each kid received a 4 inch boning knife to use and then he taught them how to debone, trim, and process the meat correctly.

kids cutting up moose parts

image via AP

Mason has been quoted saying “You can learn certainly about anatomy from diagrams and textbooks and videos but getting your hands on an animal is a big part of the science aspect of it.” Kids are able to really appreciate the lifestyle of the indigenous have lived for centuries.

After getting a special harvesting permit from the Fish and Game department that allowed Mason to process the animal for educational purposes.

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