Teen Boy Gave Every Girl a Flower at School

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Valentine’s Day is a special day to share with those you love. It is also a hard day for those who do not have someone special in their lives. However, this teen boy had an idea that gave every girl in his school a flower on this happy day.

Jayme Wooley

Jayme Wooley is 15 years old and a Sophmore in high school living in Axtell, Texas. He bought 170 flowers to give every girl in his high school a flower for Valentine’s Day.

He did not do this alone however, he had help from some of his friends. They all gathered around the front doors to make sure every girl who entered received a flower.

This is not the first time he handed out flowers to girls. Prior to Valentine’s Day, he gave flowers to all the girls on a field trip. This is where the idea came to him. From that, he texted his mom expressing his hope to give every girl a flower on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Flowers

On the 13th, he and his mom went to Walmart to buy 170 flowers in assorted blooms. These flowers were given to girls from 6th grade to 12th grade at Axtell Independent School District’s junior high/high school.

His mom shared videos and photos of her excitement on Facebook saying, “When your 15 almost 16 years old tells you he wants to buy EVERY girl a flower at school tomorrow so they feel SPECIAL you make it happen!!! Proud to be HIS MOMMA!!!! 170 Flowers for 6th-12th Grade!!!”

Jayme shared how it made him feel as well saying, “I’ll probably never forget that moment of just seeing their faces brighten up. I don’t want anybody to feel less important than anyone else.”

Inspiration to All

Many people shared their thoughts and feelings on Facebook and around the community, all positive responses. Some shared how they never got flowers, so this made them cry with happiness, knowing someone out there cares for these girls.

Others commended this mom for raising a great son. The school honored Jaymes as the student of the week as well.

This heart-warming story goes to show that anyone can make a difference. One young teen boy saw the need to help the girls in his school and made an impact that will last forever in their hearts.

No matter how small the action may seem, if it involves making someone happy, do it. It will only make you happier and help the world be a better place.

Just like this teen boy gave everyone girl a flower in his school, you can make a difference too.

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