Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

The Great Baking Closet Clean Out including a $100 Giveaway to the Container Store!

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Today you will get to see a behind the scenes look at how we organize our fun food goodies & props. You will also get the chance to win a…
$100 Gift Card to the Container Store AND $50 credit to each of our awesome sponsors!
Thanks so much to Make Bake Celebrate & Java Cupcake for putting together this fun Giveaway!
I am not the most organized person, but can not stand working in clutter. This is sometimes a issue having 3 boys, but I we try to have everything put away before we leave the house. It’s awful to come home to a mess…especially in the kitchen!  We come up with so many fun food ideas & need to have lots of  goodies on hand.
We purchased this cabinet from Pier One awhile back for us to store our blog goodies in. If someone opened this cabinet up not knowing about what we do they would think we are nuts having so much candy & sprinkles.  However, if you were to open up our fridge you would see it stuffed with fruit & veggies for the healthy fun food ideas we create…we will save that one for another post!:)
We have different candy, sprinkles, decorative straws, & sticks in the top of the cabinet. We use mason jars with the labels written in chalk for lots of them…


Always have lots of hearts & jelly beans on hand for creating fun treats….


This is where we keep our decorative straws mostly for our fun treats on a stick…


This is where we keep our lollipop & cookie sticks…


In the lower part of the top cabinet we keep containers of different candy. It really helps to separate it….
This is our Chewy candy (mostly Tootsie Rolls, Starburst, etc…) & misc. candy….


This is our containers for Gum Balls & Sixlets. We love to have lots of these on hand because we use them all the time…


This is our sprinkle drawer. Yes…I realize that I have a sprinkle problem, but lots of sprinkles are a must for the fun food ideas we create & you just never know what you are going to need….


We have just about every color or sprinkles, pearls, Sixlets, & jimmies…


This is the bottom section of the cabinet filled with more sprinkles, gum balls, colored sticks, edible markers, & candy….
In this container we keep colored sunflower seeds, edible markers, edible eyes, & other misc. candy…
This is our Twizzler/Sour Punch Straw container….


We keep mostly boxed candy in this container…


We keep our colored plates, bowls, & bento lunch containers in this cabinet in our kitchen….
We keep most of our props in this trunk out of our screened porch. It was good to go through a lot of this & get rid of some stuff….


We use a lot of these props in our photos.  We never get too fancy & try to keep our pictures realistic to what you would make at home. Lots of color, but simple….


Make sure to check out all the baking closets that were cleaned out & for your chance to win more great prizes!

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  1. I really like the idea of using canning jars for storage. Not only can you see everything but you can always use the jars for canning later on.

    I do love those tall cylinder jars with the ribbing rings. Very stylish.

  2. I know the frustration of being the Mother of a picky eater! Sometimes every bite of food requires major negotiating skills. It’s exhausting. I have now discovered a great cookbook on Kindle – Kid Approved Slow Cooker Meals – by Kelly Cook. My kids love the dinners and there’s 50 of them. Hooray! No food arguments for almost 2 months. Go to Kindle at Amazon or here's a link:

  3. it's not just organized it's adorably organized I should start saving all the jars to repackage my ingredients.

  4. I admire Mothers who have fun with their kids through these crafts and candies / treats ! I also have 2 little boys and I think its great that you have a laid back approach ! I am loving the jars for the candy… you can see all of it and it reminds me of the old candy stores displays … its classic , fun and easy ! I can't wait to try a few of your fun / silly treat designs !!

  5. How lucky you are to have all that space. I only have a small unit (about a third of that) to keep my baking tins and decorating gear in. You've organised everything so well too, and it looks good. Well done you.