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The New Eggo Drizzlers Review!

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The New Eggo Drizzlers Review!

I am sure most of you know that we are huge fans of Eggo waffles! My boys love them and we also love to make fun food using Eggo products. We tried out the new Eggo Drizzlers and these were a huge hit with my boys and I love them as well! The Strawberry & Blueberry Eggo Drizzlers are made with real fruit & taste so much better than syrup! They have 40% less sugar than traditional syrup! It’s awesome that something with less sugar actually tastes way better than syrup!! They also come in other flavors.

You can just drizzle the flavor packets on the waffle or let the kids make a fun picture, shape, name, etc…We tried out the Stawberry & Chocolate Eggo Drizzlers.

Eggo Drizzlers

They were both fantastic, but my favorite was the strawberry. I bet the strawberry would also make a great PB&J Waffle sandwich for lunch! We made a simple heart using the strawberry packet….

We made a simple heart using the strawberry packet

My boys loved the chocolate the most and we made a bear with the chocolate packet and some slices of banana….

we made a bear with the chocolate packet and some slices of banana

We love how easy it is to create fun pictures with the packets and they are also such a nice change from syrup. The Eggo Drizzlers come in boxes with 6 waffles & 3 topping packets. You just toast the waffles like you would any other Eggo waffle & press on the packets with your fingers to warm it up a bit. That is what we did. You can also put the packet in a cup of warm water. Then you pull off the top of the packet and squeeze it onto the waffle.

The kids will have so much fun drizzling their flavors on the waffles! We can’t wait to try the Blueberry Eggo Drizzlers! These will definitely be a new favorite in our house for breakfast!:)

Visit or for more information on the new Eggo Drizzlers Waffles and all of the other Eggo products and recipes!

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