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This Pool Float Helps Moms Swim with Multiple Kids Easily

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Summer is almost here and I cannot wait! I’ve been anxiously awaiting those hot summer pool days again. 

With multiple kids, swimming in a pool can be quite a challenge, especially if you have two under two years old. 

However, I recently found this amazing pool float for multiple kids to help solve that problem! 


image via Poolmaster

Poolmaster Mommy and US Float 

The Poolmaster Mommy and US float is the perfect solution to this problem. 

It is designed to hold up two little ones and yourself all the while enjoying a nice little swim. 

Where was this when my kids were younger? 

Unlike a traditional inner tube, this float is a U shape so adults can lean on it, with two round baby seats. It almost looks like a Mickey Mouse head. 

Inside each baby seat, there are two holes for their legs to kick and enjoy the cool water but allows for parents to stay extra close to their little ones. 

pool float

image via Poolmaster

This may be the perfect solution to keep your babies safe and still have a relaxing pool day. 

This pool float is perfect for babies from 8 months old to two years old. Each baby seat can hold up to 40 pounds! 

This even comes with four little inflatable pool toys to keep your little ones entertained. 

If you only have one little one right now, Poolmaster has still got you! They have a baby float perfect for your little one. It also helps protect them from the sun with a sun shield attached so your baby can enjoy the water but not get sunburned. This one is more like a figure 8. 

pool float

image via Poolmaster

Where to Get It:

You can get this Poolmaster Mommy and US float from Amazon HERE! 

It is around $25 and totally worth it. 

Grab yours today and head to the pool to enjoy some fun water time with your babies without all the challenges. 

Who needs this pool float for multiple kids in their life? 

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