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This Valentine’s Dinner Will Make Your Heart BEET!

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Valentine Dinner
Yeah I know…make your heart BEET!heehee We are pretty corny in this house!

We are already thinking Valentine’s over here and we made this fun Heart Dinner last night. My boys have never tried beets before and I thought this would be the perfect thing to get them to try it. I got pickled beets and probably should have started out with regular beets. They love pickles and I told them the beets were red pickles thinking that would trick them a bit. They LOVED the way the dinner looked, but did not love the beets. However, the good news is that they did not hate them! They ate half of them…that is good! This presentation at least got them to try it!

We used sliced canned beets and cut out hearts with a small heart cookie cutter. Super easy!

We made hot dogs and cut them at a angle in the middle to make the heart shape. We love this Turkey Sausage w/Cheddar from Johnsonville…so good! We used some beet scraps to make the arrow and attached it with tooth picks into the hot dog bun.

We made diced potatoes and shaped them into a heart. We added ketchup on top to make it red. You could use tater tots,etc…

This is just something fun we came up with using what we had on hand. We hope that you LOVE our dinner as much as we loved making it!!

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This is awesome! We're corny too =o) That's great that your kids ate some of the beets. Mine wouldn't =o( But I'm making this anyway!

This is sooo cute!! Great idea!

Ha! Too cute for words!

So cute and fun!

I invite you to link this (or any other Valentine's Day posts) up with the Find Some Love Fest on February 1st!

I agree, this is sooo cute! I am glad I found it. I will definitively try it with my children!

Such fun!! It looks like you have a lot of fun with food. I'd love for you to link up to Food Adventure Friday!

Heart shaped hot dogs & bun – only you would think of something so creative. The arrow idea is not only functional, but ingenious (spelling?). For those of us who never aquired a taste for beets, how about substituting salami, pepperoni or red pepper?



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