Turtle Burger

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Turtle Burger

We made this silly turtle burger using Morning Star veggie burgers, 1 burger bun, lettuce, cheese, ketchup, pickle, and edible eyes.

We made our veggie burgers and put it on the bun. Put ketchup, cheese, or whatever else you like then add the top bun. Put lettuce on top of that. Cut pieces off of the pickle for the head and legs. Slice 1 pickle and add that to the top of the lettuce. We added edible eyes, but you could use a cut up raisin.

Such a easy burger to make and this actually got my then 4 year old to eat lettuce on his burger for the first time. He thought it was cool to eat the shell!

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22 comments on “Turtle Burger”

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    This is so cute!! Would be perfect for when we are on vacation. There are always turtle nests (that we have to stay away from) and this would be fun for my little ones!!

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