Uncle Sam Hat Marshmallow Pops

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Uncle Sam Hat Marshmallow Pops

We made these fun Uncle Sam Hat Marshmallow Pops that are so easy to make!  Kids can make these themselves & will also have fun playing with them!

Uncle Sam Hat Marshmallow Pops

Jumbo Marshmallows

Stacker Marshmallows

Red & Blue Twizzler Strings

Red Fruit Roll Ups

Star Sprinkles

White Cookie Frosting

Decorate Straws or Lollipop Sticks

Start out by wrapping the stacker marshmallow with half of a fruit roll up….it will stick on without frosting. Push the stacker marshmallow on the straw. Then push the jumbo marshmallow on top. Measure a blue Twizzler string to around the bottom of the jumbo marshmallow. Then take that Twizzler piece and cut other pieces the same size. Wrap them around the bottom securing the back with white cookie frosting. Do the same with the red Twizzler string & secure a small dot of frosting on each end around the marshmallow.  Add the sprinkles with just a tiny bit of frosting.

My boys had lots of fun making these & eating them too!;)

Uncle Sam Hat Marshmallow Pops

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