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Universal Releasing Movies Online That Are Still In Theaters

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With everything that has been going on, many companies are altering things to make life easier for those that have to stay at home for the next couple of weeks. Universal is one of them as they released movies online that are still in theaters!

Trolls World Tour

New Movies Online

Movies from Universal Pictures will be available online on-demand on their release date! Now you and your kids can watch new movies from the comfort of your own home!

While we do not know how many movies from Universal will be online, we do know a couple of movies coming soon! Those include:

  • Trolls World Tour

  • Emma

  • The Hunt

  • The Invisible Man

We also do not know how long this new feature will last, but at least you and your kids will have something fun and new to do in this hard time at home.

Once the movies are released, you can rent them for $20 and have them for a 48 hour time period. For those with a large family, $20 is a steal! Now is the time to create your own home movie theater and enjoy these movies while they last.

NBC Universal

Here is what CEO Jeff Shell of NBC Universal had to say on the matter:

“Given the rapidly evolving and unprecedented changes to consumers’ daily lives during this difficult time, the company felt that now was the right time to provide this option in the home as well as in theaters. NBCUniversal will continue to evaluate the environment as conditions evolve and will determine the best distribution strategy in each market when the current unique situation changes.”

They will keep us up to date on new movies being released and for how long when the time comes. It all depends on the situation at hand and how long things will continue to be on lockdown.

Many companies are going above and beyond during this time and we are so grateful. This is an incredibly generous thing to do as many families are struggling and will continue to struggle to make it day to day with all these changes.

Enjoy these movies from the comfort of your home and express your gratitude to these amazing companies!

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So interested in this 

Can I ask a stupid question…where or how can my family order and watch these movies mentioned in this article??

This is just awesome especially for the young kids who are finding this very difficult and hard to understand why they can’t go to the movie theatre and see their favourite movie! 
Thank you so much

How awesome! My kids have been counting down the days until Trolls World Tour came out – so this is going to make their whole week!

$20.00!!!! You’re out of your mind. People have lost their jobs. I don’t think you’re doing anyone any favors.

That is great! We were planning a mom and kid trip half way to meet friends…heard the movie thature was shut done 🙁


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