Viral video shows 24-year-old woman’s experience with coronavirus testing

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What started out as a simple video of this woman’s experience with coronavirus testing has now turned out to be a viral video with over 13 million views!

Kelley Mills

Kelley Mills is from Salt Lake City Utah. She works at a pediatric clinic and was sent home on March 16 for having some flu-like symptoms.

A couple of days later, those symptoms worsened and she had a dry cough along with shortness of breath. So, she contacted her doctor and then went to a drive-thru testing center.

She decided to share her experience on TikTok, which got over 13 million views.

Many people were supportive of her video and sympathized with her. However, others criticized saying that this was an overreaction to getting tested.

Later, Kelley described that it was not the swabbing that made her break down alone. What worried her was if she indeed had gotten the coronavirus and what that would mean for her family.

The Real Reason for Tears

She said, “This was also another reason I was such a mess because I realized if I did have COVID-19, I would have spread it to my aunt, who then would have spread it to her whole family. Or I could have spread it to people at the gym or my dad or my grandparents.”

Thankfully, after the 24 hours, she had received notice that her test results came back negative.

She also explained, “My video wasn’t meant to scare people and keep them from getting tested.” I know a lot of people had no idea what the testing process even was. The nurses who are doing the testing are all amazing and so good at keeping you calm.”

Kelley is grateful for the nurse who helped her throughout the process and kept her calm.

Now, thanks to this woman’s experience with coronavirus testing, many others are able to see what exactly happens and be more at peace with the process.

If you have symptoms of the virus, go get tested. The staff are patient and help you to stay calm throughout the process no matter how difficult it may be for some.

Make sure to stay safe during this time and please do social distancing. Just like Kelley, if you end up with symptoms, who knows who you might have passed it on to as well.

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