Viral Video Shows Mother’s Strength During the Pandemic

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You will want to see this new viral video that shows just a mother’s strength during this pandemic. This video has been watched over a million times and it is just too good.

We all know the struggles a mother deals with on a normal day. Now the daily tasks are outstanding and exhausting day after day.

However, every mother rises to the challenges and does everything to take care and bring joy to her children every single day. This video shows just exactly that in the most beautiful way.

Mother's Day during Pandemic
screenshot via Teleflora

Viral Video

This video is actually a commercial for Teleflora. However, despite that it is an advertisement, it absolutely does show the true reality of a mother during this time.

The video shows how mothers are the ones to create a safe haven in this world of uncertainty.

Mothers are the ones playing basketball, making cookies with her young children, working from home, and drive-by parades.

The narrator in the video shares, “Our children will one day tell stories about how in the spring of 2020 the world did not stop. It kept spinning and moving forward, fuelled by the most powerful force on Earth: A mother’s love.” Later the narrator continues, “When things are at their worst, we can always count on moms to be at their best.”

What a beautiful rendition to honor mothers, just in time for Mother’s Day.  It shows that mothers are superheroes and will be a strength during a time of need in this world.

You will definitely want to grab your tissues before watching this new viral video that shows a mother’s strength during this pandemic.

Mothers all around the world, we see you. We see your struggles during this time as well. We know your strength. It is needed more than ever during this time.

Thank you to mothers everywhere for all that you do. The world could not move forward without you. All the generous efforts that exhaust you day after day are recognized.

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