Virtual Field Trips for Kids

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Having kids at home for around a month now will get interesting, especially if you run out of ideas to keep them occupied. Here is a list of some virtual field trips you kids can enjoy all while sitting on the couch!

Virtual Field Trips

San Diego Zoo

This zoo has a website filled with all sorts of activities for your kids to enjoy. They can see videos of the zoo and animals, along with many activities and games to play. 


You read that correctly, you can actually go and see Mars! Google allows this to be possible. While they are currently updating their website, you can see Mars through their 360 mode. 

Animal Cameras

There are many zoos and other animal places that have cameras so you can see some fun animals throughout your day without leaving your home! 

Some of these places include: 

Farm Tour

A Canadian site has eleven tours you can take on a farm. These include pigs, cows, apple, minks, and egg farms! 

U.S. Space and Rocket Museum

This museum is located in Huntsville Alabama. You can see the Saturn 5 Rocket all thanks to a father and son who visited the museum themselves and shared their experience on Youtube. 

30 National Parks Virtual Tours 

Discovery Education

Discovery Education is another great site where they have tons of virtual tours you can go on from your home. Some of these tours include: 

Polar Bears and the Tundra

Social-Emotional Skills



The Louvre

Travel to France and enjoy seeing all the artwork at The Louvre. 

Famous Museum Tours 

The Great Wall of China

Next, be sure to stop at the Great Wall of China and take in its amazing scenery. 

Boston Children’s Museum

Another fun virtual field trip is the Boston Children’s Museum. With this tour, you can see three floors of this museum! 

These fun virtual field trips will keep your kids from becoming bored at home. They are educational and fun as well! Spread them out through the next couple of days and weeks to help your kids stay happy while being at home all day long.

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