Virtual Tour Tulip Garden

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Tulip gardens are just what make spring so much fun and special. Seeing the beautiful flowers in almost any color brings so much joy to your heart. However, many people are saddened due to not being able to leave their homes to see these magnificent tulip gardens all over the world.

In The Netherlands is the Keukenhof Flower Exhibit filled with tulips you can’t even imagine. Now, you are able to see a virtual tour of The Netherlands’ tulip garden!

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Tulip Virtual Tour
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Keukenhof Flower Exhibit

The Keukenhof Flower Exhibit has some of the most beautiful tulips and flowers worldwide. It has been running since 1857 and invites thousands of visitors each year during the spring to see its magnificent flowers.

Keukenhof is the world’s largest bulb-flower garden. It has over 800 different types of tulips. This year alone, they planted 7 million bulbs for their exhibit.

Unfortunately, the exhibit was canceled due to the COVID-19 and social distancing practices from all over the world. While this was devastating, there is still hope. This will not stop you from seeing these beautiful flowers.

Tulip Virtual Tour
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Virtual Tour

You will still be able to visit this flower exhibit without leaving your own home! They are offering a virtual tour to help with the virus affecting so many people.

They have created a set of videos to display all their flowers ranging from technicolor tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths.

The park’s managing director shared, “Because you cannot visit Keukenhof right now, we decided to bring Keukenhof to you!” How thoughtful and exactly what we need during this time of uncertainty.

Tulip Virtual Tour
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You can see all their videos and the gorgeous flowers on their YouTube channel. It is such a beautiful site to see!

It is so amazing that the Keukenhof Flower Exhibit was able to do a virtual tour so we can still bask in the beauty of The Netherlands’ famous tulip garden.

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