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Halloween Dracula Bento Lunch

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Halloween Dracula Bento Lunch

We made this Dracula Bento Lunch a couple of weeks ago and my boys thought this was so awesome!

Dracula Bento Lunch

Sandwich of Choice
1 Fruit Leather Strip
1 Twizzler String
2 Mini Marshmallows
1 Raisin
Dark Grapes
Blue Chips
1 Keebler Fudge Stripes Cookie
1 Hershey Kiss
White Cookie Frosting

We started out by cutting our bread into a oval shape using kitchen scissors. Save the scraps to cut out a nose. We made our sandwich and placed it in a Easy Lunchboxes container. We cut the fruit leather strip using kitchen scissors to make Dracula’s hair. We cut 2 mini marshmallows in half to make the fangs and eyes. We cut a raisin in half to make the pupils. We cut a piece from a Twizzler string to make the mouth. We added dark grapes and blue chips on the side. We made our bat treat by breaking a Keebler Fudge Stripes cookie in half for the wings. We placed a Hershey’s kiss in the middle for the body. We squeezed a little white frosting on the kiss for the eyes and cut off 2 very small pieces from the Twizzler string to make the pupils.

Pretty easy for such a cool lunch…right?!!

Halloween Dracula Bento Lunch

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So awesome!

Love your site! I'm a new FB follower via the hop. I'm Sarah at

Love it!

Super cute, Jill!! I was just looking for a dracula bento on Pinterest the other day! So happy to have this one to refer to now! 🙂

Looks brilliant! My son was watching over my shoulder while I was having a read, and he's so keen for me to make this 🙂

Great for Halloween! Very cute!

So adorable! What a great idea for Halloween.

Those are so cute– I have to pin this to our bento board so I remember to make this closer to Halloween!

I love how creative you are with food! I bet your kids think you are the coolest mom!

Thanks for linking up! I featured your post in my wrap up

Have a great rest of the weekend!

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Oh, how cute is that dracula! Blah Blah!!


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