Easy Funnel Cake Recipe

What is Funnel Cake?

A funnel cake is a classic American carnival treat! These delicious, crispy desserts aren't actually cakes at all.  Funnel cakes are made from a light cake batter drizzled into hot oil and fried until golden brown. You'll usually find them topped with powdered sugar. A bit like a long, squiggly, crispy pancake!

Make the Batter

Beat together eggs, sugar, milk, flour, baking powder + salt until a smooth batter forms.

Fry the Batter

Liberally swirl batches of batter into a large pan of hot oil. Let it brown, flip, and then cook again.

Give your funnel cakes a generous dusting of powdered sugar, just like at the fair!

Dust with Sugar


Serve these quick & easy homemade funnel cakes as a fun, sugary dessert at your next party or gathering!

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