Fluffernutter Cookies

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What Are Fluffernutter Cookies?

This easy recipe is inspired by fluffernutter sandwiches, featuring creamy peanut butter and marshmallow cream, and peanut butter chips for extra flavor!

You'll need peanut butter, sugar, and a few other simple ingredients to make this easy recipe.

What You'll Need

Cream together butter, sugar, and light brown sugar until smooth and creamy.

Cream the Butter

Mix in egg and vanilla extract with the hand mixer until just combined.

Add the Egg

Mix in cornstarch, flour, and baking soda with a spoon or spatula.

Add the Dry Ingredients

Drop dough onto baking sheets, flatten into 3-inch disks, and add 1 tablespoon marshmallow fluff.

Add the Marshmallow

Form the dough around the marshmallow fluff and press peanut butter chips into the dough balls.

Make Dough Balls

Bake the cookies for 9-10 minutes, then remove from oven to wire rack and allow to cool completely.


Serve with a tall glass of milk and enjoy!


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