Star Crunch Cookies

Homemade Copycat Star Crunch Cookies!

A fun homemade version of Little Debbie Star Crunch cookies!  This copycat of the nostalgic chewy and chocolatey rice treat is an easy no-bake dessert! Made with chocolate, caramel, marshmallows, and crunchy Rice Krispie cereal.

Combine the Ingredients

Microwave the ingredients (apart from the marshmallows) until melted. Stir in the marshmallows.

Add the Cereal

Add the Rice Krispies and mix until well coated.

Use your hands to shape scoops of rice mixture into flattened discs.

Shape the Cookies

Leave your star crunch cookies to harden.

Allow the Cookies to Set


Bite into these copycat Star Crunch cookies to bring back those childhood memories!

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