Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

What’s Up Doc? It’s a Bugs Bunny Lunch!

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PB&J Bugs Bunny Lunch
We made this Bugs Bunny sandwich using 3 pieces of bread, peanut butter, grape jelly, strawberry jelly, 1 dark grape, 1 strawberry, and a small piece of white cheese.

We cut 2 piece of bread out in the shape of Bugs Bunny face. We spread peanut butter in the middle and put them together. We cut the other piece of bread to make the ears. Spread the top part of the face and the ears with just a small amount of grape jelly just to give it a light purple color. Spread on the strawberry jelly to make the mouth. Cut the scrap pieces of bread to make the whiskers, cheeks, and eyes. Cut the strawberry in 4 slices to put on for the ears. Cut the tip off of the strawberry to make the nose and tongue. We used dark grapes to make the pupils on the eyes, but you could use raisins. We cut a piece of white cheese to make the teeth. You could also use a marshmallow or use the bread scraps.

We gave Bugs a carrot and the kids just LOVED him!

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You have topped yourself with this one! Wow, so amazing. Looks just like Bugs Bunny.

Very cute! You're so creative!

I LOVE all your creative ideas!! Both kids will be in school all day next year, and they want me to send them with sack lunches, so I'm on the look out so i'm ready for the fall!

I'm a new follower! Would love a follow back =)

I love your blog name! What a fun and creative mom you are! I found you on the SITS follow back list. My husband was the middle child of 3 boys. I'm looking forward to following you and maybe you can give me some tips on getting my younger ones to eat!

Hi from your latest follower. I found you blog hopping. What great ideas. So creative. I bet your kids look forward to what you will create next. Be sure to check out me out at Sarah

You're site is darling and your ideas are great! Thanks for stopping by my site- and keep linking your creations to my Thursday link parties so I can always be informed on what you and your sweet boys are up to! Have a great day…


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