Why Parents are Putting Purple Pumpkins of Doorstep This Halloween

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Now that it is officially Fall, everyone is anxiously awaiting Halloween. It is one of our favorite holidays of the year as our kids get to dress up, have fun, and get lots of candy! However, with COVID-19, trick or treating might be a little different this year, if there will be any at all. Here is a way to still let kids have fun this Halloween: parents, out purple pumpkins on your doorstep this year!


Purple Pumpkins

Why purple pumpkins, and what does this has to do with COVID-19? Everyone who puts a purple pumpkin outside on their doorstep is showing other parents and kids that it is completely safe to trick or treat at their house! It is a super easy and rather fun idea that will comfort parents’ hearts, all the while kids still get to enjoy Halloween.


You can either decorate, buy, or cut out a purple pumpkin to place outside, whatever you want. Parents all over are calling it #OperationSaveHalloween, and I just absolutely love it! It is a super-easy way to help everyone stay safe and still get the most out of this holiday.


COIVD-19 Halloween

COVID-19 has significantly changed a lot of things this year and still continues to do so. With Halloween coming up, many parents are unsure if they will let their kids trick or treat this year. It is still a scary time and might not be worth the risk for some families.


However, if you decide to let your family go out and enjoy this holiday, you can be sure to know which houses are safe and which are not by following the purple pumpkins along each doorstep!


Are you putting a purple pumpkins outside your doorstep to save Halloween this year? Let’s help these kids and let them have the one holiday they really enjoy!

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1 thought on “Why Parents are Putting Purple Pumpkins of Doorstep This Halloween”

  1. So, what are people doing that makes it safe to trick-or-treat at their house? I’m not understanding what’s going on here.