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You Can Get A Fart Vacuum to Suck Up Your Farts Before They Smell

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I’m not sure how this product came to be, but I am a little curious. Did someone just decide to invent a fart vacuum, was the stench too much to handle?

Whatever the case may be, this would definitely be the best white elephant gift!

According to their Amazon product page, “FartVac is the world’s first fart vacuum and filtering system. Using a hand-activated air pump and an activated carbon filter, FartVac reduces the stench of flatulence. It is time to align norms and manners to what is healthy! By taking responsibility and trying to reduce your fart smells, you can now fart without shame–no more pain while fighting nature and holding in gas. Join the proud movement to embrace your body’s natural functions.”

FartVac was invented partly to help live a stress-free life. No one wants to fart, especially because it smells so bad. Farts are made to be socially unacceptable. With this, you wouldn’t have to worry about that!

However, it was also made to be a great gag gift. Wouldn’t this just be the perfect gift to give the gassy people in your life?

Don’t be mistaken, this only works on yourself; no sucking the fart smell away from anyone else. Essentially, you would hook up the FartVac to yourself.

There is a tube that will go close to your butt, but not inside, that would be too gross. When you need to relieve yourself, the vacuum will suck the smell out with their filtering system so no smell is released.

After, you must pump it until the smell and air are completely gone.

The problem with this is that you have to carry it around and be hooked up to yourself all the time. No one knows when they are going to fart. It just happens randomly sometimes. It would be a pain to hook up constantly.

If you want to get one of these, I certainly won’t judge you! Be sure to read the hilarious instruction manual, for a unique way to use your FartVac.

You can find these on Amazon for $11.99.

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