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You Can Get a Grinch Baby Doll

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Everyone loves to watch The Grinch, especially during the holiday season. It is simply a timeless classic that many even enjoy all year round. Now you can get a Grinch baby doll to keep up in that holiday spirit all the time!

Grinch Baby Doll

image via Worblacrafts

Grinch Baby Dolls

Not only is this such a cool baby doll, but the fact that it looks so realistic is also stunning. It literally looks exactly like the Grinch, well, the baby version of the Grinch that is!

While it may be a little early to start thinking of the holiday season and decorating, this year is unlike any we’ve ever had before. I’m sure most people will be ordering and getting ready for the holidays much earlier this year, just to find some happiness with all the craziness going on right now.

Grinch Baby Doll

image via Worblacrafts

These are handmade and one of a kind Grinch dolls. Each of these dolls is made with faux fur hair. They come with a Christmas outfit and a blanket.

They come to be around 18 inches long. The coolest thing about them is that they are hand-painted, so each one truly is unique and special!

Where to Order

You can order your own Grinch doll off of Etsy from WorblaCrafts

Purchase these fun Grinch Baby Dolls HERE!

Grinch Baby Dolls

image via Worblacrafts

If the posting says it is sold out, don’t worry, she always restocks them! You can also send her a private message and order through there as well.

These come out to be around $300. Due to them being handmade and hand-painted, these are truly a treasure and a one-of-the-kind art piece!

Grinch Baby Dolls

image via Worblacrafts

They take about 2-3 weeks to make and be shipped to you, so I would start ordering right away to ensure you get them way ahead of the holidays. That way you can enjoy them sooner and decorate super early for Christmas!

Are you going to go get your own Grinch baby doll right now? I know I sure am! I love how cute and unique they are, they would make the perfect gift for your friend who absolutely loves the Grinch!

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