You Can Get a Light-Up Basketball

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With it being summertime now, it is time to get out more in the sun and enjoy the beautiful weather. While it may be too hot during the daytime, you can still enjoy the outside even at night. Play a family game with this light-up basketball!

Light up Basketball
image via Glowcity

Light-Up Basketball

You can get a light-up basketball from GlowCity. It is a standard size basketball with LED lights inside so you can keep playing even when the sun goes down.

The lights activate when the ball is bounced. Then, it will stay lit up during active play until no one uses it for around a minute, then it will go into sleep mode.

Light Up Basketball
image via Glowcity

This light-up basketball has two lights per ball and is battery operated. The batteries will last about 30 hours of playtime with the lights on.

When you get them from GlowCity, it comes with a second battery pack, along with a tool kit to help you change out the batteries, so you will get plenty of playtime for your money’s worth.

More Light-Up Games

The best part about this is that if you don’t play basketball, you can still get something to enjoy with your family. GlowCity has light-up footballs, soccer balls, volleyball, and so much more. You can also find light-up accessories for tons of sports as well including:

Light up Football
image via GlowCity
  • basketball nets,
  • basketball rim lights,
  • soccer cones,
  • disc golf baskets,
  • and more.

If you have younger children, there are even more options. You can find light-up bean bags or a ring toss game for your little ones to enjoy. With all these choices, there is definitely something for everyone!

You can find all these incredible light-up sports games on Amazon HERE.

Now you can enjoy the beautiful outdoors even when the sun goes down with this amazing light-up basketball or other accessories!

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