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You Can Get a Rainbow Air Plant That Will Purify Your Home

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Do you have any air plants around your house? These plants are so fun to have around your home and don’t require a lot of work! You can even get some rainbow air plants that will not only look beautiful but will purify your home!

The Benefits of Air Plants

All air plants are simply amazing. They will get all their nutrients from the air in your house. One of my favorite features is that they don’t take a lot of maintenance or work! So, if you are a busy person, these are the perfect plants for you!

In order to keep air plants alive, simply soak them once every 1-2 weeks. When they are fully dry, hang them up again and you’ll be good to go!

Air plants are also great for purifying your home. Just like the trees outside keep the air fresh and nice, so do these plants but for your home!

Rainbow air plant

On the long leaves are very small scales called trichomes. These scales help absorb the nutrients and water from the air to keep themselves alive, all the while purifying your home!

Not only that, but air plants also help regulate the humidity in your home. That is why these plants are perfect during the summertime.

Rainbow air plant

Rainbow Air Plants

All air plants will help to purify and regulate the air in your home. However, these rainbow air plants are simply gorgeous. So, if you want to get some air plants, grab these ones!

You can find the rainbow air plants off of Etsy for around $15!

HardinsFamilyGardens is the Etsy seller behind these beautiful plants.

Simply request what colors you want, and you are good to go!

Rainbow air plant

These rainbow air plants also make a great gift idea as well as there are ten different beautiful color designs to choose from.

These air plants are made with organic plant paint that is non-toxic and completely safe. You only pay the shipping fee once, so make sure to order multiple at one time!

When you receive your plant, you will also find instructions on how to take care of your plants. If you live in a cooler climate, you might also want to purchase some fertilizer for $5 and a heating pack for $3.50. These will help keep your plant safe during shipping.

Rainbow air plant

These rainbow air plants are simply stunning. I know I need multiple in my home! Who is going to grab some as well?

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