You Can Get Some Dog Crocs and They Are Adorable

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Usually, you will find two different types of people nowadays. One that wants to dress up their dogs and one that will never ever do it.

However, I think everyone will want to get some of these dog crocs after you see them!

Dog Crocs
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Dog Crocs

Yes, dog’s feet are made to go outside barefoot. However, I think there are some situations where they might need some type of protection. Hence, the dog crocs.

When it is hot outside, the asphalt or other surfaces might be really hot and can hurt your dog’s feet. Or, when it is cold and they will be outside for a long time. These little puppy shoes can help!

Whether you just want to play dress-up with your dog, or if you need to protect their feet, then you need to grab some of these dog footwear.

Dog Crocs
image via Amazon

These are not original crocs. But, they look very similar! They have a little harder surface than the traditional ones, but still will work perfectly for your little puppy.

These dog crocs work best for small dogs. They are 2.76 inches by 1.15 inches by 1.15 inches. Some reviews compare the size to a nail polish bottle, so it needs to be a very small dog.

However, regular crocs might fit perfectly for bigger dogs! Try them out!

Where to Get Them

You can get these dog crocs right off of Amazon!

Choose from yellow, green, blue, or pink. These are perfect for taking pictures with your cute dog.

These are typically around $20 for two shoes.

Who needs to grab some dog crocs for their cute little dog? I know I want to!

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