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You Can Now Get A Dill Pickle Hard Seltzer and It’s Amazing

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Where are my dill pickle fans at? I generally love all things pickled favor and try them all. 

Recently I found out about a dill pickle hard seltzer and I am all for it! 

Dill Pickle Hard Seltzer 

Back in 2020, Brümate made an April Fool’s Day joke about there being a pickle seltzer. 

Now that is actually becoming a reality and they are calling it the Dilight Hard Pickle Seltzer. 

If you love booze and pickles, you are absolutely going to love this. Why not put them both together? 

Brümate shares, “a one-of-a-bring pickiliscious experience.” 

Many were so sad when they found out this was a joke. So, they went hard at work.

All About the Pickle Seltzer 

This Hard Seltzer has a 5% RABV. It is only 100 calories as it also has zero sugar! Isn’t this the perfect drink? 

Drink this Hard Seltzer for the perfect amount of pickle flavor throughout each sip. 

This will be the best summer drink to have at all Your parties this year! 

Back when they made the joke, over 10,000 people signed up to hear when this pickle drink would be available. Everyone signed up without realizing it was a joke! 

So Brümate took this as a little hint and made this drink a reality. 

Currently, there is no set release date, but it will be sometime this summer. Just in time for the perfect summer get-together with family and friends! 

You can sign up to know when it will officially be released, for real this time by going to

Who is going to try this Pickle Hard Seltzer? You know I am! 

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