Your Baby Can Be The Next Gerber Baby

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All babies are absolutely adorable, each in their own way. However, do you feel like your baby can become the next Gerber baby?

Gerber Baby Contest
photo – Sheila Fitzgerald/Shutterstock

Baby Contest

Gerber is currently on the lookout for another new baby to take their place on their products! The original contest took place back in 1928. However, they didn’t submit baby pictures back then. Back in the day, they had to submit their artwork.

Dorothy Hope Smith was one artist to submit her drawing. She had chosen to do a charcoal drawing. In the end, the judges loved it, so she won!

In 2010. they once again opened the Gerber Baby Contest, but this time you simply send baby pictures. Since 2010, it has become an annual contest. The baby who wins gets to represent the brand for that entire year and receives cash prizes and incentives along the way.

Gerber Baby 2020

This year will now be the 10th anniversary of the contest. Due to that, Gerber has updated some of its rules. While you can still submit photos, they are now allowing you to submit videos of your baby as well!

Only one child per family can enter. You can submit one photo along with one video that is one minute long or less.

Be sure to check on all of their official rules in order to not be disqualified. Make sure not to submit any professional photos, family photos, or collages, as they will immediately be disqualified.

When you submit your photo, it will be judged on the following:

  • your child’s visual appeal
  • their expressiveness demonstrated
  • consistent with Gerber’s mission and heritage

If your baby is between one day old and 48 months old, you can enter to win! Be sure to enter before the deadline, which is February 21, 2020.

If your baby is selected, you will win $25,000! Doesn’t hurt to enter does it? Who knows, your baby may become the next Gerber baby!

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