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Your Elf On The Shelf Can Now Have Babies

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If you participate in the annual Elf on The Shelf fun, you know it’s just about that time again! You might be thinking you have run out of awesome ideas, but no need to worry! Now they have Elf on the Shelf Babies! YES…that’s right. They even have little clothes, a crib etc…

Elf on the Shelf Babies

Elf on the Shelf Babies

The etsy shop My Magical Moments came up with this brilliant idea of these adorable little Elf babies. Isn’t it so cute?!

Elf Baby

Check out the little outfits…

Elf Baby Outfits

and the crib…

Elf Baby Crib

Hopefully you won’t get questioned that include “where do babies come from”, but we are just going to stick with “it’s magic”.

Elf on the Shelf Babies

You can order your Baby Elf Set Here.

Find the Over 50 of the BEST Elf on the Shelf ideas HERE.

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  1. But where’s MOMMY, LOL

  2. Will you have more elf babies before Christmas?