Your Kid Can Now Wear A ShieldPod To Help With Social Distancing

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Many schools around the United States are now allowing in-person schooling to start once again. That has been a huge worry for many kids, parents, and students, as they believe more children will come into contact with COVID-19. However, there are many measures that have gone above and beyond to help students and teachers still be safe. Your kid can now wear a ShieldPod to help with social distancing!

ShieldPod for Social Distancing

Since ShieldPods have started coming out, most people think they are only made for adults. However, there are some for children as well! If you are worried about your child returning to school, getting a ShieldPod will help them with another layer of added protection.

Under the Weather, the brand making these ShieldPods, decided to start making some for kids once they saw how effective they were for adults in the healthcare profession.

They are currently still waiting on a patent; however, these new ShieldPods will be available for kids from preschool age up to 10 years old.

For some kids, this might be the next cool thing as they feel like they are an astronaut in a spacesuit. However, on the other hand, many children will feel claustrophobic while wearing these suits.

Specific Features for Kids

These ShieldPods come with adjustable straps along with 270 degrees worth of clear plastic so they can still see entirely around them. You can find these mini pods in either pink, black or blue. These pods will help to protect your child against COVID-19 along with other diseases. They even work great for rainstorms or other unpleasant weather conditions.

The traditional ShieldPods zip fully closed; however, these mini pods do not. This is to allow for extra circulation for the children. While that is helpful, it could potentially be a flaw.

Where to Order

You can find these mini ShieldPods at Under the Weather. They come to be around $80.

Some children might find them fun and will be a good choice especially if parents are worried. However, it might be more troublesome for other children. Talk to your kid and see if the ShieldPod will be good for them with social distancing and during school!

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