How to Make Edible Sand for Your Baby

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Are you trying to find more sensory toys and activities for your little one but struggling because all they want to do is put things in their mouth? Look no further! You can make edible sand for your baby that they will absolutely love!

Edible Sand
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Edible Sand

It is so important to have good sensory play activities for your little ones. Most children, at the beginning of their lives, learn about things through their mouths! While this may make it more challenging to find good activities and toys for them, don’t lose hope.

One mom found the perfect solution! Turning Cheerios into sand! It combines sensory play with using their mouths and is completely healthy and safe for your baby! It is the perfect invention ever.

Edible sand is super easy to make and will keep your little one occupied for hours, a total mom win.

All you have to do is simply put your Cheerios into a blender and blend until it has a fine consistency. The beige color even makes it look exactly like sand!

The Mom Behind It

Elle Anna Christine is a mom living in Illinois. She recently shared on her TikTok about her brilliant idea of making this edible sand for her baby.

She also went and got a container to put the sand in along with some beach toys to make it a real-life sandpit for her baby.

That way, the babies can explore sand and have fun, all the while being safe. Parents do not have to worry about their children eating real sand, as it is simply Cheerios.

I know some might be thinking, “what will happen when my baby goes to the real beach and tries to eat the sand?” They probably will, my baby tried once too. However, they will quickly understand that this sand is different!

For Elle, there are no beaches nearby, so she didn’t have to worry about that happening. However, if you are worried, simply find another sensory play activity to entertain your child.

For those who don’t have a beach nearby, this idea is genius! Make some edible sand for your baby today and watch them be entertained for hours.

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