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Real Estate nowadays is through the roof and only continues to climb throughout the United States. With this being said, tiny home living is what people want. If you are a minimalist or don’t have any issue with living in a smaller space, then why not give it a go! There is a Cypress company based in Texas which designs and builds the most adorable, durable, and low-cost Arched Cabins. This company knows what the people want! Affordable living is where it’s at right now!

Arched Cabin in the woods.

Facebook/Arched Cabins

Arched Cabins

You can take your pick at Arched Cabins and choose what style fits you! You can have it manufactured right away in Texas and delivered to the location you want to build it in just 8-10 weeks. These Tiny Homes are delivered right to you as a shell. So you can decorate the interior to your liking.

Arched Cabin with white doors and a deck.


About These Tiny Homes:

This company makes these Tiny Homes eco-friendly too! The roof is 32-50% of recycled steel. These cabins come with a 40-year warranty! These Tiny Homes conserve energy. They use a minimum of R13 insulation.

The home with a horse in front eating grass.

Facebook/Arched Cabins

If you live in the United States, anywhere in the lower 48 states, they can deliver to you! As long as the property you are planning on building on is at least 10′ wide and doesn’t need any 4 x 4 vehicle access, you can be ready to get your home.

The home with a deck and ramp deck.

 Facebook/Arched Cabins

What Is The Cost Of These Tiny Homes?

If you are wondering about the price of these homes, it will depend on the size. The lowest cost is $1,440 to its highest is just under $20,000.

A few of the Arched Cabin in a yard.

airbnb/Micro Cabin

I have to say that these Tiny Homes are super cool and can be used for really anything! Use the space for art studios, workshops, rural cabins, cottages, granny pods, or any other creative spaces you need. You can learn more about these incredible Tiny Homes by visiting Arched Cabins. To me, this unique product may be in my future.

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