Motorized Pool Tube

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Are you dreaming of warmer days and just can’t wait until you can lay in the sun again? I know I am, that’s probably why I am finding all these amazing pool gear I just have to have! 

Like this motorized pool tube that lets me play bumper cars right in my own pool. 

Pool Bumper Cars

Bumper Car Pool Tubes 

This pool tube is called the Tube Runner and is from PoolCandy. Not only is it an inflatable pool tube but it is also motorized. Take this out on the lake for a nice relaxing day or even in your own swimming pool. 

How fun would this be to cruise down the lake in? 

This pool tube has a 66-watt motor. It comes with an electric Kort nozzle with a three-blade propeller. The propeller is enclosed so it is completely safe. 

Pool Bumper Cars

Control this motorized pool tube with a joystick on the top of the tube. It can move in any direction and can do 360 degrees if you want! 

Spin around, go forward or backward, this tube can do it all! 

The only thing you need for this pool tube is 6 D batteries. It inflates super quickly with an air pump. 

Bonus Features 

Not only is this motorized it also has a built-in cup holder! You can relax all day long in your pool or at the lake with a drink in your hand. 

It also comes with a headrest so you will always be comfortable and relaxed. 

This tube is made with heavy-duty PVC and can hold up to 250 pounds. It also is 48 inches in diameter. 

Bumper Cars In The Pool

These pool floats are perfect for a fun bumper cars competition. If you see your friend coming to bump you, be sure to hold on to the grips on each side. 

You can also have a race to see who can get to the end of the pool faster. 

These are the perfect addition to your summer gear so you can have more fun in the sun. 

Pool Bumper Cars

Where to Get These Tubes 

You can get this inner tube from PoolCandy right from Amazon

They are usually around $150 each. Make sure to grab two for some friendly bumper car games this summer at your lake party! 

Who is going to grab some now? I know I want to! 

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