This Incredible Indoor Beehive Is The New Interior Decor You Need Right Now

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It’s not normally accepted for bees to be in your house, but this is an exception. There is no infestation here, only a company that makes a beautiful indoor beehive. This gorgeous and simple beehive can be mounted upon any wall in your house so you can have your very own bee home in yours. This is an incredible way to view how bees manage and make their honey in a safe and stable environment.

Beehive on a wall.
image via Beecosystem

The company that creates and sells these amazing and unique beehives is called Beecosystem. You have options to get one singular beehive, shaped like an octagon or one with multiple sections connected together. I really like the connected ones because it looks just like a piece of honeycomb on your wall. I also prefer it because it gives the bees more room to move around.

Beehive on a red wall.
image via Beecosystem

You can dive into the life of a bee and observe how they live, work, and create new life. This wonderful beehive can be used for educational purposes as well to help adults and kids learn more about bees. I am all for saving the bees and this is the perfect way to do your part and learn about what makes bees so important in our world.

How Does The Beecosystem Work?

The beehive is mounted to the wall in your house and has a small lengthy tube that gets strung up and connected to it. The beehive must be attached within 4 feet of your window to minimize the travel for the bees from it to the outside. The other end of the tube is for the bees to go in and out as they please, so it goes out the window. It is basically a funnel that allows them to enter the Beecosystem and go outside when they need to for pollen.

How To Install A Beehive?

Step 1. The beehive has a mounting bracket and screws that come with it for easy installation. Pick a spot by a window that you prefer and hang it up.

Beehive without bees.
image via Beecosystem

Step 2. Measure the length from the window to the beehive to make sure the tube fits in between. You can cut it if the tube is too long.

tube going out the window.
image via Beecosystem

Step 3. In the beehive kit comes a foam block that can be lodged in the window. This will keep any air-conditioning or heat system from just blowing right out the window. This of course also keeps the bees from doing a complete 180 and flying into your home.

Two Beehive.
image via Beecosystem

Step 4. Once the foam has been placed, put the tube through it. Use the magnetic attachments to connect it to the beehive and the entry point.

This Beehive Works Both Inside And Outside!

This Beecosystem is perfect for any kind of house or apartment as long as you have a window! However, you can also put this lovely bee home outside. If you prefer to not have it in your home, that’s okay! You can still enjoy the incredible Beecosystem experience.

Beehive outside.
image via Beecosystem

Beekeeping And Harvesting

There are two things you will want to do some research on before buying this incredible beehive. You will want to learn how to properly care for your bees aka beekeeping. You will also want to know how to harvest your bee’s honey. I have provided the basics for beekeeping as well as linked a video on how to harvest honey. Don’t stop there though, continue to learn and find out more about it!

How Long Does This Beehive Take To Ship?

This awesome beehive is sold and shipped from the Netherlands. So, it will take a bit for it to show up at your doorstep. However, I promise that this super cool Beecosystem will be more than worth it and you will fall in love.

How Much Is It?

You can get this indoor beehive for just around $780 for one octagon section from their shop. If you decide that you want more sections, it will cost much more. But, that just means more bees and more of an incredible view.

You can click here to buy the Beecosystem.

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