Video of Snake in Shoe Will Have You Double Checking Your Shoes This Summer

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Summer is a time for fun, relaxing in the sun; at least, almost for everyone. While it is a fun time, you definitely need to watch out for a few things, including snakes.

Snake in Shoe
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One family in Queensland, Australia found a deadly snake curled up in their child’s shoe! Thankfully they were able to call the Snake Catchers so they were safe. But, it definitely was a wake up call!

Be sure to check your shoes and cabinets throughout the summer just to be safe.

Stuart McKenzie of Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 was the one who went to the family’s home and identified the snake as the Eastern Brown Snake.

He shared, “We were called out to a job in North Buderim for a ‘brown colored’ snake on the move in a family’s lounge room. When we arrived it had moved into the cupboard where the family keeps their shoes! We opened the cupboard to find the stunning snake hiding inside one of the kid’s croc shoes. Crazy!”

via Casar, NC/Facebook

Eastern Brown Snakes cause more human deaths than any other snake in Australia. While these snakes do not give much venom with their bites, it is enough to do serious harm to a human, including death.

If you see a snake in your house or shoes, call an authority to get it. You shouldn’t try to get rid of it yourself as it may not be safe.

Luckily the family who found the Eastern Brown Snake was able to stay away from it and keep an eye on it and were safe from any harm.

Keep an eye out on your things, especially for shoes this summer. You don’t want to get bit by any snakes!

You can watch the snake in the shoe video here.

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