You Can Get a Wearable Dryer Jacket to Dry Your Dog After Bath Time

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Dogs typically don’t like to take baths, and when they do, they usually will get water everywhere. Not only does it create a huge mess, but it also brings frustration as well. Not anymore with this wearable dryer for your dog!

Puff n Fluff

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Wearable Dryer Jacket

I got to say, these are amazing inventions. Now you don’t have to worry about your dog zooming through your house getting you and everything else wet!

This dryer jacket is called the Puff-N-Fluff. All it uses is a hair dryer to get your puppy dry and no watery mess all-around your house.

The best part is that it will also help get rid of that nasty wet dog smell. No one wants or needs that at their house anymore!

Most will use this after a dog bath, but you can also use it if you take a walk in the rain or after a wet day outside.

Simply put your doggie into the jacket, attach your hair dryer and watch as they get dry without a mess to clean up!

Puff n Fluff

image via Amazon

Will My Dog Get Scared?

Many dog owners wonder if their dog will be scared of this Puff-N-Fluff, and it is definitely possible. That is why you want to start off small and work their way toward using the dryer jacket.

Maybe you have your dog just wear the jacket a few times first. Then, when they are used to it, turn on the hair dryer so they get accustomed to the sound of it. Finally, when you believe they are ready, attach the hair dryer and use it completely.

Be sure to make sure your hair dryer is not too hot either. I prefer to turn it toward the cool air just to be sure.


image via Amazon

Where to Order

This wearable dog dryer jacket comes in multiple sizes depending on how big your dog is. Choose from xs to large. From this range, you should find one for just about any dog!

You can order your own Puff-N-Fluff from Amazon.

They are typically between $40-75.

Ditch the mess and water everywhere in your home and grab one of these! Who has a dog who would love one of these wearable dryer jackets for your dog?

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