Artist Creates Giant Wood Sculptures and Hides Them in Copenhagen Forests

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An artist creates giant wood sculptures and hides them in the Copenhagen forests for visitors to go on a treasure hunt to find them! Have you ever been to Copenhagen before? Well, now you have an incredible reason to go!

Artist Creates Giant Wood Sculptures

giant sculptures

Thomas Dambo, an artist from Danish is behind this all. He has been creating gigantic sculptures made entirely from recycled material. Then, he hides them all around Copenhagen forests for people to go exploring to find them. However, he does not accomplish this task alone.

These sculptures are a group effort. Many volunteers help to make these possible. Most of the giant sculptures are made from 600 wood pallets, a shed, an old fence, and other scavenged old wood. So far there are six of these giants all in the forests.

recycled art thomas dambo

Each one of the giants is named after a volunteer who helped make them. You can even use a map that Thomas made to find each one of his creations. There are also poems engraved all around the sculptures to help locate them as well.

Thomas states, “It invites the viewers to go on a treasure hunt, not only to see the sculptures but also to discover hidden gems in nature.”

Copenhagen Forests

recycled art thomas dambo

Another fascinating thing about the sculptures is that each one interacts with the environment. For instance, Teddy Friendly is located next to a lake. His arm extends across a stream that feeds into the river. This project was made with a local activation center and helped give four people a job who were otherwise unemployed.

Little Tilde, another giant, is further in nature and wildlife. This giant is unique as it provides a home and place of shelter for the animals. Thomas put 28 birdhouses inside the giant.

recycled art thomas dambo

Not only does this project help people find jobs and create artwork, but it also is helping people go out and explore nature. It encourages people to go out and be in nature instead of staying at home on electronics.

Who is going to go out and try to find all six of these giant wood sculptures out in the forests? Watch this cool video to see how they are made!

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