Parents Warning About Popcorn After Their Son Was Admitted Into Surgery

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The weekends are normally a wonderful time to sit down with the family and watch a good movie, unfortunately for Nicole Goddard, last month’s family movie night was a night was all but wonderful. It was a night that any of us would want to forget.

Parents Warning About Popcorn After Their Son Was Admitted Into Surgery
source: Facebook

Nicole and Jake Goddard, of Colorado, stated “We were all watching a movie and eating popcorn which is a very frequent event on the weekend in our home. I didn’t think twice to give Nash popcorn. Nash had small choking episode but was fine. We didn’t see anything come out so we assumed he swallowed it. He seemed completely fine and continued to watch the movie.”

“He started making a gagging noise and Jake jumped up really fast to grab him,” she told FOX news. “He was getting ready to do the Heimlich on him and then he took a breath.”

Nash was breathing normally and his parents assumed he was fine.

They were wrong.

Nicole shared a viral Facebook post with a warning about popcorn that has now been viewed over a million times.


Nicole also added, “He seemed completely fine and continued to watch the movie. The only thing we observed was a cough he developed after the episode.” They thought it just might be coming down with a cold that had recently gone through their family.

“Monday came and I noticed Nash felt warm and he was super fussy. He had a fever so I gave him Motrin and put him to bed.”

She then noticed some labored breathing as she stayed the night by his side. She called her pediatrician who told her to take him to the hospital right away.

After some tests, Nash was admitted to the hospital and ordered into surgery.

“There was so much inflammation he actually started to develop pneumonia in his left lung,” Nicole said.

The doctors found six pieces of popcorn embedded in Nash’s lungs. The body had recognized them as a foreign substance and had begun fighting them as an infection. The inflammation caused pneumonia to enter Nash’s lungs. His lungs were so swollen that the doctor wanted to do a second procedure to ensure all pieces were removed.
“The dr met us when it was over and said procedure was successful and he got the last piece out. Nash was a rockstar and recovered well. We’re so thankful our little man came out ok. All of this over popcorn, which is eaten on a regular basis in our home.”

Thank you Nicole for sharing your story with all of us. We are so sorry this happened to your little guy, but thankful that he will be okay. Your warning to other parents may have save many little lives.
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14 comments on “Parents Warning About Popcorn After Their Son Was Admitted Into Surgery”

  1. I’ve done that for my Children and Grandchildren, the kernel wasn’t safe for them. Did it till they were about 4/5yrs old.

  2. I eat very little popcorn , and only ones that arent microwaved in those bags……..If I eat microwaved popcorn in just a few minutes I will feel like I am having a heart attack………..There are a couple places I will buy popcorn and it has to be popped in front of me in a kettle…….must be something in the preservatives of microwave popcorn. I am happy the young boy is ok

  3. Avatar photo
    Debra Bangerter

    You can’t blame the popcorn. It was mentioned child had choked before. Keep an eye on your children’s habits.

  4. I was a choker when I as young, I seriously choked on water. So, when I had my kids I would be extra careful on everything. When giving popcorn I would bite or tear off the parts that had the kernel on it only giving them the meat part of the popcorn. People would make fun of me or call me a overprotective mother. I didn’t care, it gave me peace of mind. 

  5. Avatar photo
    Glenda Wethington

    Yes thank u so much 4 sharing bcoz I had no idea something lile this could happen! I continue 2 learn somethong new almost evety day snd Im 60. So grateful ur little dude is fine. Praise God!!

  6. Avatar photo
    Mrs. Leah Hintz

    Most parents like myself only give children under the age of 5 or even older depending on the child: 1 piece of pop corn at a time until they und how to chew it up  completely and swallow, then have the child take a drink of whatever parents gave their child to drink when having a popcorn treat.
    I was raised this way. I am 56. I raised my children this way. They are 34 & 32. Our grandsons are being raised this way. It is plain common sense.

  7. Avatar photo
    Donna Williams

    This could happen with any food not just popcorn. Any food or liquid could be aspirated into the lungs. 

    1. Yes it definitely can happen with any food or liquid but popcorn is a common chocking hazard for any age

    2. Avatar photo
      Debra Bangerter

      Absolutely. I had to have appendix removed after eating a lot of popcorn. Coincidence? .

    1. Rita, either way, popcorn has a meaty part and a kernel part. It does not matter which way it is cooked.

  8. My brothers Grson passed away a few yrs ago from a popcorn kernal being lodged in his lung also.. thankfully this little boy survived..

    We no longer give any little kids popcorn, ever!!

  9. My grandson jordy had the same experience when he was 3, he us nearly 6 now! But due to the popcorn it was revealed that he had a heart defect! The doctors said that they normally only see this condition when carrying out a post mortem! And could of killed him at any time! So for him it was a good thing he chocked on the popcorn! It led to major heart surgery that has saved his life!